Memories fade ... without a little help

I was reading a little post today over on and they shared an interesting quote that got me thinking.

As we grow older, we lose the Small moments in our memories. They are the certain smells, places and objects that trigger the best memories and bring them back from those dusty places in which we store them.

When we see an old photo of the caps and gowns, we remember how it felt to be young, happy and perhaps a little scared. Maybe. We were on the verge of something new and of leaving the familiar. How many of you can remember that day with all of the detail?

In truth, very few of us can. 

Now, pick up that picture - the one where you were hanging on the shoulders of your friends; all of you smiling and laughing - the one with the school in the background. 

Take a good look...(I'll wait)

Yep, you felt it, didn't you? 

You have that little tear in the corner of your eye from the happy memories that started flooding back.

Give your graduate that same gift...

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