Rocky and the Lake

At The Cabin
     There is a cabin at the lake. It sits back from the shore. On the first “landing” as we called it. The main shoreline of the lake was separated from this by small road that circles the lake. It weaves in and out of the campgrounds and smaller communities.
     Directly on the shore with the road between this cabin and the lake is a small bait and tackle shop. They had all the items you would ever need for a great day of boating or fishing. They also had paper-wrapped sandwiches and various treats that for purchase.
     I spent several weeks one summer at this cabin with my grandparents when I  was younger. I would spend the days swimming, fishing and boating.  Living the dream. Nights laying on the beach looking at the stars and believing that anything was possible. Everyday held the promise of possibility.
Everything seems impossible, until it is done.
~ Nelson Mandela
      The neighbors had this pet Raccoon named Rocky. He was the best. Always getting into trouble, causing havoc among the residents of our small outpost on the West side of the lake. He would leave his presents in the most awkward of places.
     There weren’t many rules you had to follow. In fact they were very simple:
Clean up after yourself. No one likes to live in a mess, no matter what they say. So put your dirty clothes in the hamper. Dishes in the dishwasher.
Be respectful. This didn’t mean that the adults are/were always right. It just meant that you respect their take on the moment at hand. Respect them and the years of experience they have on you.
The final and most important rule of all:
Have Fun!

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